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How they work

During Day time they make a very visible house number. As night falls they will begin to glow
making them more visible at night time than a standard number.

The vinyl based material incorporates non-toxic, non-radioactive luminous pigments that absorb ambient light (natural and artificial) and emit a visible glow in darkness

•1 digit plaque size 12cm X 11cm
•2 digits plaque size 17cm X 11cm
•3 digits plaque size 23cm x 11cm


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Product specs

•100% water proof
•Quality product designed for long term outdoor use.
•Solid black decorative Plaque designed for outdoor use.(5mm Thick)
•2 Holes pre drilled for quick & easy fitting
•Screws & Wall Plugs Included
•Digits made from Self-adhesive flexible vinyl with "High Intensity" luminous properties
•Retains luminous powers over indefinite period.
•Complies with PSPA requirements for safety signs when tested to DIN 67510

•The number will charge during the day and glow as night falls
•Gradual diminution of glow intensity over several hours. Can be re-charged by light any number of times.
•Typically if the material is 100% deprived of all light it will glow for 2-6 hours

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