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How they work

•During Day time they make a very visible house number.

•As night falls they will reflect all light (for example from an emergency vehicle, headlights etc) that hits them so your house number becomes illuminated.

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•Many emergency vehicles have side lights fitted to detect house numbers.

•They illuminate because reflective material reflects light back to the source.

•Note these numbers reflect light, they do not glow.



•Quality product designed for long term outdoor use.

•Solid decorative Plaque designed for outdoor use.
(5mm Thick)

•2 Holes pre drilled for quick & easy fitting

•Digits made from Grade II Highly reflective material. This material is used by quality Sign makers and is designed for outdoor signage. This ensures the reflective numbers are totally weather proof and extremely difficult to remove from the plaque once adhered.

•Screws & Wall Plugs Included

Product sizes

For 1 digits plaque size is 12cm X 11cm
For 2 digits plaque size is 17cm X 11cm
For 3 digits plaque size is 17cm X 11cm
For 4 digits plaque size is 23cm X 11cm

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The best place to fit your number

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Position 1
Fit your reflective house number next to your front door where it can clearly be seen from the road. (See Picture to left)

Position 2 (Requires 2 House Numbers)
If you have a gateposts or a mailbox outside your house.

Place one number facing up the road and a second number facing down the road on each side of the gate post or mail box. (See Picture to right)

As night falls any vehicle headlights will pick up the numbers making them illuminated.

Position 1

(Requires 1 House Number)

Position 2

(Requires 2 House Numbers)

On front of house Fixed to gate posts / walls